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The Beauty of Being

I had never photographed anyone else besides my son, husband, and a few other people in the family. I thought I would spend the rest of my life photographing nature until I enrolled in a photojournalism class. When I received the assignment Portrait of a Stranger I thought it would be tough.

To put myself in a position to have to interact with someone I did not know and make myself comfortable and especially to make the person I was photographing comfortable, scared me to death, but I had to do the assignment, as Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt says, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." So I chose a morning to go out and find my models; however, I could not leave my house because I did not know where to go - I had a blank mind. I called a friend who suggested a park and so I went there and that was one of the most exciting shootings I have had so far. The people around the park were just great and in a few minutes I felt so comfortable that it was not hard to find different faces to photograph and some people even came and asked to be photographed too.

That was the day I discovered that I not only photographed for the assignment, but I also felt that I could photograph whatever I wanted to because I just love to see the world through the lens of a camera and this action itself is the key that makes me comfortable and everything else unfolds naturally. It does not matter if my subject is a tree, a rock, or a face. All that really matters is to see the essence, to see the beauty that flows from the souls. The beauty of being!

My commitment when you contract me to photograph you and/or your event is, I will make myself comfortable and have you comfortable too, so I could capture the beauty, energy, and feeling that comes not just from your physical body, but from your soul. comes from your being. in that magic moment when I will capture your essence through the lens of my camera.

I would like to place here a statement from a photographer to exemplify what I just said about my way of photographing. Barbara Boissevain delighted me with her invitation to photograph her wedding. Then she wrote this,



This past February I asked Maria Terezinha Vaz to photograph my wedding and I was extremely pleased with the results. As a location photographer for the past 7 years, and a member of ASMP (The American Society of Media Photographers) I am familiar with the professional standards that are critical to obtaining outstanding images. Maria's work more then met my expectations and now I have a collection of beautiful images to document this special day. My family and friends were all made to feel comfortable by Maria's warm personality and sense of humor that made her presence enjoyed by all. She displayed a genuine interest in her subjects and was able to relax us with her sweet demeanor. It is a gift to document an event without disrupting the event unfolding - and Maria did just that! Thanks you so much Maria.

- Barbara Boissevain

I thank you Barbara because it was my pleasure and honor to have photographed your special day and to have been around your family, friends, and husband.

  • If you are a bride and groom or an individual who are looking forward to hiring a photographer, please visit Color page to see more samples of my work.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for an estimate even if you think your budget is too low. We might be able to work it out.

About your Privacy

I care about your privacy. The information you give to me will be used for contacting you. I will not sell your name or distribute your personal information; however, I might use your email in a network message to let you know about show, new release and such. If you do not want to be in my network messages, please let me know and I will send you private messages only. I truly respect the privacy of my patrons.

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