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October 1 through October 31 Guest Schedule


October is the month of Clarity and Wisdom. This month will start with a high energy trend that will last most of the month.


This is the month to begin that project, task or habit that you've been holding off doing. Not only is the energy in support of beginning anything new, it will leave you feeling more appreciation and enjoyment for you life.


Our scheduled guests include the following:


October 1, AM 1240, KNRY:  Julie King, intuitive, founder of Merrill-West Publishing, founder of the ROTA Psychic Fair ( Also Skyye Song Fell, owner of Monterey Reflexology will join us with her Heart of Healingtm segment.


October 4, AM 540, KRXA:  The ROTA Show, join us as readers, healers and other guests from the ROTA Psychic Fair share their gifts, insights and information. The ROTA Psychic Fair is October 4th and 5th, 10-6 at the Monterey Fairgrounds


October 8, AM 1240, KNRY:  Garrett Gunderson, author of "Killing Sacred Cows", what you believe about finances may just be myths, ( and Dr. Brian Rector will join us with his Wellness Wisdomtm segment (


October 11, AM 540, KRXAMaggie Smith, The Joy of Flowers, will share her flower essence guidance on which essences are the most helpful in this time of uncertainty and stress (


Also joining us will be SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy), will share with us how to open to our our creative dreams, and joy in this time of uncertainty (


SARK's Event Calender Link


October 15, AM 1240, KNRY:  Cheri Soria, founder of Living*Light and the author of the "Raw Revolution Diet" (


Mary Jeanne Vincent  will be back with her Career Cornertm segment (


Also joining us will be SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy), will share with us how to open to our our creative dreams, and joy in this time of uncertainty (


SARK's Event Calender Link


October 18, AM 540, KRXA:  Anthony Grocki, actor, editor and co-producer of "Uncivil Liberties" an independent movie that asks the question what happens when you're willing to give up your freedom for security (


Also John Voris, Authentic Systems will join us in his Being Authentictm segment (


October 22, AM 1240, KNRY:  Barbara Hand Clow, intuitive and mystic, author of "The Liquid Light of Sex" and "Mayan 2012"  ( and Jacqueline Joy will join us with her Diamond Alignmenttm (


October 25, AM 540, KRXASharron Rose & Jay Weidner, the husband and wife team who founded Sacred Mysteries and produce the movies "2012: The Odyssey" and "TimeWave 2013" (


October 29, AM 1240, KNRY: Greg Palast, author of "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" ( has co-authored, with Robert Kennedy Jr., the "Steal Back Your Vote" graphic comic. Download your FREE copy at He'll tell us how we can ensure our vote is counted.


Also with us will be Valerie Lane from SAVElections Monterey County, an action committee of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Valerie will share how they've been working to guarantee the voting process and how you can help. You can contact Valerie at: or call (831)641-0170

September 1 through September 30 Guest Schedule


September is the month of Limitless Potential and Possibilities. The energy in the beginning of the month challenges us to face our relationships to find what is working and what isn't working.


The second half of the month brings the balancing energy of Libra to heal us and allow us to move forward fearlessly into our unlimited future. Our scheduled guests include the following:


September 3, AM 1240, KNRY:  Doreen Virtue, Angel Therapy ( and host of Angel Therapy Talk at Hay House Radio (Listen Here). Also Skyye Song Fell, owner of Monterey Reflexology will join us with her Heart of Healingtm segment.


September 7,     No Show


September 10, AM 1240, KNRY:  Kimberly Marooney, Angel Love & Blessings, ( and Dr. Brian Rector will join us with his Wellness Wisdomtm segment (


September 13, AM 540, KRXASolarzar and Kyralani will talk with Good vibrations segment hosts:

September 17, AM 1240, KNRY:  Sheila Gale, host of The Sheila Show on AM 540 KRXA ( Also, Mary Jeanne Vincent  will join us with her Career Cornertm segment (, and John Voris, Authentic Systems will join us in his Being Authentictm segment (


September 20, AM 540, KRXA:  John Fox, professor of Transpersonal Psychology and President of the Institute of Poetic Medicine  ( will join us.


September 24, AM 1240, KNRY:  Ixchel Leigh, The Fragrance Alchemist ( and Jacqueline Joy will join us with her Diamond Alignmenttm (


September 27, AM 540, KRXAChris Attwood, Master Strategist, Master Marketer, and co-creator and author of The Passion Test, the effortless path to discovering your destiny (

August 1 through August 31 Guest Schedule


August 3, AM 540, KRXA:  Where is the Outrage?, Solarzar & Kyralani asks the listeners where is the outrage about the lies perpetrated by this corrupt administration and supported by the corporate media.


August 6, AM 1240, KNRY:  Kristina/Sophia, Modern Gnosis (, and Skyye Song Fell will also join us with her Heart of Healingtm segment. Purchase Kristina/Sophia Products here


August 10, AM 540, KRXA:  Mark J. Ryan, Dream Abundance ( and (


August 13, AM 1240, KNRYDr. Debra Rozman, HeathMath ( and Dr. Brian Rector will join us with his Wellness Wisdomtm segment (


August 17, AM 540, KRXA:  Dr. Wilmer Leon III, host of radio show "On With Leon" and producer/host of the TV show, "Inside the Issues with Wilmer Leon" ( Dr. Leon's Recommended Reading List: Click Here


August 20, AM 1240, KNRY:  Bronwyn Marmo, "The Food is a Lie: The Truth is Within" ( Send Bronwyn an e-mail to request a free copy of her e-book "It's About You, Not the Food" (

Also, Mary Jeanne Vincent  will join us with her Career Cornertm segment (, and John Voris, Authentic Systems will join us in his Being Authentictm segment (


August 24, AM 540, KRXA:  Lilyana Bethanee & Nohlan Matthew,

Seventh Awakening (


August 27, AM 1240, KNRYSteve Ryals, "Drunk with Wonder" ( and Jacqueline Joy will join us with her Diamond Alignmenttm (


August 31, AM 540, KRXA:  Jackie Woods, "Soulmate or Cell Mate" (

July 2nd through July 31 Guest Schedule


July is the month of Freedom, Expansion and Adventure. Our scheduled guests include the following:


July 2, AM 1240 KNRY:  2012, End or Beginning Continued with Jay Weidner and Sharron Rose (originally broadcast April 23.) (


July 6, AM 540 KRXA:  Paul Sullivan, Director of Veterans for Commons Sense (


July 9, AM 1240 KNRY:  James Wanless, Captain Pick-A-Card, creator of the Voyager Tarot ( and Dr. Brian Rector (, Wellness Wisdomtm


July 13, AM 540 KRXAPamelah Landers, Master Hand Analyst (


July 16, AM 1240 KNRY:  Doug Lumsden, Monterey Movie Tours ( and Mary Jeanne Vincent (, Career Cornertm


July 20, AM 540 KRXA:  Vincent Bugliosi, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder". Purchase the book here: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder


July 23, AM 1240 KNRY:  Catherine Bachman, Master Astrologer ( and Jacqueline Joy, Diamond Alignmenttm (


July 27, AM 540 KRXAChris Hedges, "Collateral Damage: America's War Against Iraqi Civilians". Purchase the book here: Collateral Damage: America's War Against Iraqi Civilians.


July 30, AM 1240 KNRY:  Alchemy of Success, Solarzar & Kyralani will share their system for achieving your dreams

James Wanless, PhD.

Alchemist and Metaphysician

Captain Pick-A-Card, Voyager Tarot

James Wanless, Ph.D. (Columbia University Political Science) is the creator of the Voyager Tarot, a pioneer of new thinking recognized for weaving timeless wisdom into modern life with intuitive tools and symbolic systems, a founder of Merrill West Publishing, and a co-founder of Primal Arts Playhouse located in Carmel Valley, California,

James Wanless is a corporate shaman, truly a “bridge between worlds”.

To contact James Wanless Ph.D.:

Within the U.S 800-676-1256; Outside the U.S. 001-831-659-3737
PO Box 1227, Carmel, California 93921

To purchase Voyager Tarot Products:

Voyager Tarotdeck (Voyager Tarot Deck)

 Voyager Tarot: Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

 Intuition @ Work: & at Home and at Play

 Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century: Tarot for Business

Paul Sullivan

Executive Director

Veterans for Common Sense

Veterans for Common Sense (VCS) was formed in August 2002 by war veterans who believe that we, the people of the United States of America, are most secure when our country is free, strong, and responsibly engaged with the world. 

The mission of VCS is based on the ideals of the American patriot Thomas Paine: to raise the unique and powerful voices of veterans so that our military, veterans, freedom, and national security are protected and enhanced, for ourselves and for future generations.

Veterans for Common Sense is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization, supported primarily by individual donations from our members.

To contact Veterans for Common Sense use the following link:

Veterans for Common Sense
or visit:

June 22 through July 2 Guest Schedule


Kyralani and I are took a much needed break by spending two weeks on the beautiful Valley Isle of Maui. During the two weeks from June 22 through July 2nd we replayed the following shows:


June 22, AM 540 KRXA:  The Acceleration of Change (originally broadcast on June 1st.)


June 24, AM 1240 KNRY:  Ixchel Leigh, The Fragrance Alchemist (originally broadcast on May 21st.)


June 29, AM 540 KRXA2012, End or Beginning with Jay Weidner and Sharron Rose (originally broadcast April 20.)


July 2, AM 1240 KNRY:  2012, End or Beginning Continued with Jay Weidner and Sharron Rose (originally broadcast April 23.)


We'll be back on July 6th with Paul Sullivan, Director of Veterans for Commons Sense to talk about the court case they brought against the Veterans Administration to ensure our returning Service members receive appropriate medical care.


And on July 9th, Captain Pick-A-Card, James Wanless (Voyager Tarot) will join us to talk about the Voyager Tarot and do readings.



Kelly Bryson

The Language of Compassion


Kelly Bryson MA, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist and authorized trainer for the international Center for Nonviolent Communication (a nonprofit organization) and collaborates with Nonviolent Communication Santa Cruz (NVCSC  website is  


It is a language of empathy and honesty, and is sometimes described as "the language of the heart." 


To contact Kelly:


Call 1-877-NO FEARS (663-3277)

Or 1- 831-462-EARS (3277)

Or Email at

Kristina Keane

Channel of Sophia, “The Goddess”


Kristina Keane has always known that she was somehow different. Her life story is filled with inexplicable events, intensity, and sometimes scary moments. Her psychic opening culminated in spontaneously channeling The Goddess Sophia.

Purchase Kristina/Sophia Products here

 To contact Kristina/Sophia:

Kristina/Sophia Inc.
Kristina M. Keane: Channel of Sophia.
John L. Jensen: Kristina's Husband + Business Manager.
(323) 559-7454
P.O. Box 50041
Pasadena, CA 91115-0041 


John Voris
Authentic Systems
Communication is about Connection

John Voris first experimented with sales as a means of support while attending the University of California, Berkeley, as a philosophy student.


After 25 years of sustained success, John decided it was time to retire from direct sales and respond to the urging of friends and colleagues who were anxious to learn his secrets. Today John is the CEO of Authentic Systems, a national sales training company that is dedicated to reinventing the sales experience through the integrity of authentic communication.


To contact John Voris, Authentic Systems:


Authentic Systems
P.O. Box 5246
Carmel, California 93921

Phone: 866-630-REAL


Ray McGovern
Retired CIA Officer

Ray McGovern is a 21 year veteran of the CIA who served as one of President Reagan's intelligence briefers and later as one of several senior CIA analysts who prepared the President's Daily Brief (PDB) during the first Bush administration.

He is an outspoken commentator on intelligence related issues since the late 1990's; one of the founders of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS); one of 100 signatories to a petition which calls for immediate public attention to unanswered questions that suggest the current administration may have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext to war.

You can read some of Ray McGovern's concerns at:

Article by Ray McGovern

Additional Articles on Consortium News

Visit Impeach Bush web site

Visit the Products Page to listen to Ray McGovern's March 5, 2008, March 12, 2008 and June 8, 2008 Interviews on "Good Vibrations Radio".
After listening purchase your own copy of the Ray McGovern interviews.

Laila Al-Arian
Freelance Journalist and Author

Laila Al-Arian is a freelance journalist and author, with Chris Hedges of Collateral Damage: America's War Against Iraqi Civilians (Nation Book). This books is based on their 2007 Nation article "The Other War". You can read her compelling interviews and view the video of those who participated in the Winter Soldier hearings in March 2008:

Winter Soldiers Speak (article and video)

Purchase her book through the link below:

 Collateral Damage: America's War Against Iraqi Civilians

Earthbound Farms
Growing Delicious Organic Food

Drew and Myra Goodman came to California’s Carmel Valley in 1984.  They settled on a 2.5-acre raspberry farm and committed to farming organically, producing food they would want to eat themselves and would feel good about serving their families, friends, and neighbors. Their labor of love became Earthbound Farm.

For more than 24 years now Earthbound Farms has been farming, and they've become the world’s largest grower of organic produce.

Samantha Cabaluna, one of the company's most visible spokespersons oversees the company's communications team.

Search the Earthbound Farms Recipes

To contact Earthbound Farms

For product comments, questions, or concerns call 1-800-690-3200
Send Mail to:
Earthbound Farm
1721 San Juan Highway
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045

Rabia Erduman, CHT, RPP, CMP
Spiritual Therapy for Mind and Body

Rabia Erduman assists her clients in the exploration of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Using her diverse healing modalities Rabia peels away her client's conditioned responses leaving ecstasy and stillness.

You may purchase Rabia's book of spiritual insight, Veils of Separation through this link: Book Purchase, or her meditative CDS: Inner Guides CD; Meditation CD; Relaxation CD; and Chakra CD through this link: CD Purchase.

To contact Rabia

Phone: 831-642-2358
Mind Body Therapy Center
41 Soledad Drive, Monterey, CA 93940
or by E-mail at:

Ixchel Leigh
Vibrational Aroma Therapy

Ixchel Susan Leigh (pronounced ee-shell susun lee), an Aromatherapist, has been referred to as "The Fragrance Alchemist." She has been a pioneer for Vibrational AromaTherapy (VbAT) since 1980.

Information about her Essence AromaTherapy™, and her knowledge and wisdom of alchemy, aromatherapy, spirituality, metaphysics, shamanism, physics, cultural anthropology, and the natural world is found in her book, Aromatic Alchemy: Recipes for Transformation.

"My heart and my life are committed
to Love and Transformation and 
to guiding myself and others to make the changes
which enrich all Life.

To contact Ixchel

E-mail at:

Maggie Smith
Flower Essence Energy

Maggie Smith is an advanced energy healer and the creator behind Flower Essence Energy Sprays.

Maggie has a private practice in Santa Cruz, where she shares this effective life-affirming gift. In her practice Maggie is available for private consultations where she assists the client in creating a personal flower essence formula designed to help individuals find peace with their life issues.

To contact Maggie Smith:


or Email at:

Kirby Seid
Seid Crystals
Ancient Technologies

Kirby Seid is committed to understanding and teaching the emerging importance of “crystal/mineral consciousness” is presenting to the evolvement of our own human consciousness.

Kirby Seid is available to bring the Light Labyrinth (creating Liminal Light by saturating natural quartz crystals with resonant light),  Sha Na Ra, the authentic ancient crystal skull, and spectacular ancient crystals for sessions and workshops at stores and conferences. Call or email Kirby for more information.

Upcoming Events Schedule

To contact Kirby Seid:

Phone: 510.233.6251
or Email at:

Michael Devadattan
Tibetan Chantmaster

To purchase CDs and other products select this link: Devadattan's Products

You may contact Michael Devadattan at:

Phone: 831-601-4247
PO Box 22575, Carmel, CA 93932
or by E-
mail at:

Rob Boston
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State

 Read some of Rob's writings at Rob's Blog

Learn what Americans are Doing to protect our rights by visiting

First Freedom First: Sign the Petition Now!

Julie King
ROTA Productions
creater & founder ROTA Psychic Fair

You may contract Julie King, ROTA Productions at:

Phone: 831-644-9098 Fax: 828-884-6309
PO Box 1634, Brevard, NC 28712
or by E-mail at:

Maria Vaz
Maria Vaz Photography
Producer of "A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil"

You may contact Maria Terezinha Vaz at:
(831) 335-1250
or E-mail at: 

To purchase "A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil"

select this link: A Convenient Truth

Jay Weidner & Sharron Rose
Sacred Mysteries

Products of Interest to the discussion of the End of Time and 2012:

Fulcanelli: The Mystery of the Cathedrals
The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye
Secrets of Alchemy - The Great Cross of Hendaye
2012 The Odyssey
Decoding The Past: Doomsday 2012
The Mystery of 2012

For more information about 2012 visit:

To contact Jay or Sharron:
Sacred Mysteries Productions and Distribution
PO Box 1697
Port Townsend, WA. 98368


Craig Unger
Journalist and Author

You may purchase his books here:

House of Bush, House of Saud

The Fall of the House of Bush

Jacqueline Joy
Diamond Alignment

To learn the Diamond Alignment story go to:

To learn the full story of the Diamond Alignment development visit:

Experience the Diamond Alignment here:

Richard Unger
International Institute of Hand Analysis

To purchase his book LifePrints use this ling: LifePrints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints

You may contact Richard at:

LifePrints, LLC

Phone: 877.LP.PURPOSE (877.577.8776)

PO Box 151313

San Rafael CA 94915



Lorraine Cohen
CEO and founder of

Powerfull Living

Powerfull Living Products by Lorraine Cohen

How Do I Choose? (eBook)
9 Keys to Claim Your Personal Power (eBook)
Take Charge of Your Life: Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination and Fear!
Move from Chaos into Deliberate Action!

Audio Products:

Transform Your fear Into POWER
Powerfull Networking-Turning Chit Chat into Big Business
Happiness is a Decision
Powerfull Partnerships
Take Charge of Your Life: Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination and Fear

Contact Lorraine Cohen at:

Special One Hour Audio Bonus Link

Special Chakra Clearing Meditation and 3 Soul Revealing Audios

Marc Ash
Executive Director TruthOut.Org

You can learn more about TruthOut.Org and the truth by subscribing to their FREE newsletter: TruthOut Subscription Link

Visit: TruthOut.Org
Contact: TruthOut.Org

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney
Author, Mystic, Spiritual Counselor


Purchase her Angel Products here:

Angel Blessings: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration
(10th Anniv. Edition - Boxed Set)

Your Guardian Angel In a Box:
Heavenly Protection, Love, and Guidance

 Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith, and Grace

Listen to her internet radio show, Soul Connections Radio.

You may contact Kimberly at:
 Phone: 831-419-3200
 or by E-mail at:

Laila Al-Arian
Freelance Journalist and Author

Her compelling articles in the April 2008 issue of The Nation about the Winter Soldiers: Iraq and Afghanistan can be found by following this link:

Winter Soldiers Speak (article and video)

Bronwyn Marmo
Award Winning Author

Her Award Winning book:
The Food Is a Lie: The Truth Is Within, A Spiritual Solution to Weight Loss and Balanced Health

Purchase her other products here: Bronwyn's Products Link

You may contact Bronwyn Marmo at:

c/o Triple B Publishing

11445 E. Via Linda, Suite 2-249
Scottsdale , Arizona 85259

1- (480) 314-3333

Jon Saint Germain
Entertaining You With Your Own Thoughts

His books Karmic Palmistry, Lover's Guide to Palmistry, and Runic Palmistry are available in bookstores and with these links:

Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates, & Karma
Lover's Guide to Palmistry: Finding Love in the Palm of your Hand
Runic Palmistry 

You may contact Jon Saint Germain at:
1- (812) 332-6526

Ray McGovern
Retired CIA Officer

Do you like Truth? Visit this blog:

You can read Ray McGovern's concerns about our government here:

Ray McGovern challenges Donald Rumsfeld:

Vanity Fair Article, "The Gaza Bombshell"

Drs. Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks
the HENDRICKS Institute

Products for Heart Centered Relationships:
Spirit-Centered Relationships (Book & CD)
Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Commitment

Additional Products are available through
the Hendricks Institute at This Product Link


You may contact them through The Hendricks Institute

The Hendricks Institute

226 W. Ojai Ave.
Suite 101, PMB 505
Ojai, CA 93023

Monika Krajewska, Administrative Director


Glynis McCants
"Glynis Has Your Number"

Glynis McCants is the creator of The Numerology Kit, The Individual Reading Chart, and the Are We Soul-mates Glynis McCants has been studying Numerology for over 21 years.  She has done over 12,000 readings and has truly mastered the science of Numerology. Glynis McCants believes you can too Glynis Has Your Number

You may contact Glynis at:
Glynis Has Your Number
P.O. Box 81057
San Marino, CA 91118
1- (626) 614-9333
Fax: (626) 614-9292

Master Chunyi Lin
Qigong Master
creator of
Spring Forest Qigong

Master Chunyi Lin's book, "Born a Healer" is #1 on His Spring Forest Qigong heals and balances people everywhere.

You may purchase his book here:
 Born A Healer: I was born a healer. You were born a healer, too!

To contact Master Chunyi Lin:
Spring Forest Qigong
7520 Market Place Dr.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, 55344
1- (952) 593-5555
Fax: (952) 593-5557

Marci Shimoff
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Her newest book, Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps for Being Happy from the Inside Out, is #1 on Amazon, #1 on Barnes and Noble, #2 on Wall Street and #3 on New York Times. You can purchase this book through the Products Page.

Marci offers additional transformational bonus material at her web site:

 Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out

For Marci's special bonuses to help you be "Happy for No Reason" please visit:

Learn more about Marci at

You may contact Marci at:
Fax: 1-415-789-1309
 or by E-mail at:

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney
Author, Mystic, Spiritual Counselor

Listen to her internet radio show, Soul Connections Radio.

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney's products:

Angel Blessings: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration
(10th Anniv. Edition - Boxed Set)

Your Guardian Angel In a Box:
Heavenly Protection, Love, and Guidance

 Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith, and Grace

You may contact Kimberly at:
 Phone: 831-419-3200
 or by E-mail at:

Rosemary Brown Sanders
The Psychic's Psychic
Hypnotherapist, Author
Host of "Whole Life Radio"

Listen to her Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 am on historic AM 1240 KNRY, or Live Stream at

You may contact Rosemary Brown Sanders at:
(831) 869-9345
or by E-mail at:

Cindi Webb
Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner
Certified Massage Practitioner

Sacred Sanctuary & Spa and Quantum Wellness

You may contact Cindi at:
831-455-2922 or 831-663-3926
Fax: 831-455-2822
 or by E-mail at:

Skyye Song Liberte Fell
Certified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist

You may contact Skyye at:
Monterey Reflexology Center
404 Pearl St., Monterey
(831) 655-3338 (FEET)

Kenton Knepper
Master Wizard and Lama

Lama Kenton says, “Blessings and Happy Successes”


Jennie England, MS, CPCC, PCC
Certified Life Coach

You may contact Jennie at:
Wisdom in Action
P.O. Box 22695
Carmel, CA 93922

Robert Greenwald
and Brave New Films
Filmmaker and political activist

Recommended Robert Greenwald Products:

 Robert Greenwald Presents - The Brave New Films Box Set

The Robert Greenwald Documentary Collection (Uncovered/Outfoxed/Unconstitutional/Bonus Disc)

 Unprecedented - The 2000 Presidential Election - 2004 Campaign Edition

You may contact Robert Greenwald at:

Brave New Films
10510 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


Eugene Burger
Master Magician
 Dean, McBride's Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas, NV

You may contact Eugene Burger at:

1260 North Dearborn Parkway #105
Chicago, IL 60610 USA
(312) 642-0761

Larienna Maja Weeks
Biofeedback Practitioner

You may contact Larienna Maja at:
or by E-mail at:

Lilyana Bethanee and Nohlan Matthew
Seventh Awakening

You may contact Seventh Awakening at:
(831) 484-1923
or by E-Mail at:

Dr. Maia Kincaid
Intuitive Life Coaching

You may contact Dr. Maia Kincaid at:

Howard Martin, VP

HeartMath's Business Programs call 1-800-450-9111 and ask for the Business Division or E-mail at

HeartMath's Hospital Programs call 1-800-450-9111 and ask for the Health Division or E-mail at

HeartMath Products: HeartMath store or call: 1-800-450-9111.

HeartMath Events: HeartMath Events 

Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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